Ty-Gwyn-Brittany has two holiday rental properties in the beautiful and historical districts of Pontivy and Lambel in Brittany. These two properties are the first ventures in to the holiday rental business for my clients, so very new and exciting. What they experienced was a raft of things to consider when looking at how they promote the properties to prospective clients.

I provided a level of consultancy which gave the client the options to then make informed decisions on how to promote the  
business and where to best place advertisements and improve the web pages.

'When we decided to start our holiday business in France there was so much to think about. The promotion and supporting information is very important, but yet another thing to add to the ever- increasing list of things to do. Sybil’s advice and guidance saved us a lot of time and effort and we are delighted that our first year has so far proved to be very successful.”

Judi and Malc Allebon

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