Elixia Therapy

SLR Marketing clients: Elixia Therapy

Elixia Therapy is dedicated to the promotion of relaxation, wellbeing and the relief of symptomatic discomfort through holistic therapy and are a start-up SME.

The owner clearly recognised that she needed to promote the business to increase client numbers but was a little unsure as to what would give her the best return on her investment.

Money needed to be spent wisely, and this is where I stepped in. I advised Nerys to get as much free local exposure as possible by using networking business group facilities such as

those provided by the Welsh Assembly Government, and by using the hospital radio station network.

Elixia Therapy sponsors a show via Rookwood Sound and therefore gets weekly exposure in excess of 1,000 people for a small association fee. What I demonstrated to Nerys is that you don’t have to have a massive marketing budget to get results. Just employ an expert to do it for you!

‘When I set up Elixia Therapy some two years ago, I was extremely inexperienced in the area of

marketing. Sybil Fowler became my marketing mentor, offering support, advice and invaluable contacts.

Using her expertise I was able to network successfully which has, in no small way, contributed to the growing success of my business.’

Nerys Baber

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