Handy Handdry®

In August  2011 South Wales based start up company R & L Golfing Solutions contacted SLR Marketing to help them launch a product that  had taken them 10 years from concept to production.

As golfers they are always looking for new golf products to raise their game. It’s great to have the best clubs, bags and of course golf attire, but they thought of a small essential item that was missing! That’s when they  realised that a  simple idea has allowed them to create R & L Golfing Solutions Ltd. And then to develop their new and exciting product… Handy Handdry®

Working with SLR Marketing the product was launched at NEC  Golf Show  in April 2012. The product was well received with some very constructive feedback from the Golfing industry. Again under the guidance of SLR Marketing this has enabled R & L Golfing Solutions  to make some significant changes which will take it from a good product to a great product…….Funky – Functional  and Fun !

Handy Handdry® is proud to be one of the key sponsors of ` Birdies4Breast and `Par4Prostate`  cancer charities.

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